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First of all we’d like to thank everyone who has left feedback about our concept
for a laser accurate DIY tracking gauge. We’ve had a massive amount of motorists show their interest in the Trackace, a handful of which are shown below.

Please feel free to write a review, be it good or bad.
All comments are beneficial both to future customers and to the team at Trackace.

Feedback/Reviews since product launch 4th April 2011

Name: Keith
Location: Huddersfield
Comment: I have quite literally been waiting all my driving and DIY car mechanic life for this!!

I take my car to a garage for two things. MOT and tracking. Now I dont need to listen to there rubbish about how hard tracking is for £40.

I cant believe just how easy it is to measure tracking!!

Did 3 cars in ten minutes. I 'tried' to do it wrong and 'break it' but you just cant it is as accurate as it claims. (To make it go one degree out i had to hold one end 10mm away from the wheel -- you just cant get it THAT wrong)

While they dont suggest it is for adjusting tracking I used this to adjust the tracking on a car that was a degree out VERY easily.

One car I have is very low.. 4 inches off the ground and it was quite possible to use this on such a low car

Also most people take a car for tracking when then KNOW there is a problem -- tyres worn, etc... the damage is already done.. This gives you the option to check more often to pre-empt any problems before expensive tyre wear

Worth every penny
Submitted: 9 May 2011

Name: Glyn
Location: Leicester
Comment: Lets start by saying my original trade was a motor mechanic so i know what i am talking about, The Trackace kit is a simple yet brilliant piece of kit well thought out and designed though a bit fiddly to use at first.This kit is of use to those who are able to adjust their tracking, for those who just want to know if they need adjustment then you are better saving the money and simply putting the car into the garage for checking and adjustment - after all you can tell if the tracking is incorrect by simply looking at the tyre wear - If the inner edges of the front tyres are worn more than the outer edges then you are toeing out too much - vise-versa for toeing in - the outer edges of the front tyres will be worn more than the inner edges. After 18000 miles my tyres had slighty more wear on the inner edges so i knew i was toeing out a tad too much - i guessed about 10 minutes too much. (minutes are fractions of a degree) Therefore i had an informed idea of what i expected the Trackace to indicate. Setting up the Trackace was easy though i thought the distance measure from the front right wheel to the laser unit using the mirror bar as the measuring tool a little confusing in the instructions - perhaps an indicator where the mirror bar and the laser unit meet should be marked by a different coloured piece of plastic or a sticker that indicates this is where the two pieces should but up together would be usefull. That said once the laser was in position i found the calibration procedure a piece of cake - once zeroed i removed the bar from the left wheel a couple of times and repositioned to confirm i had maintained a zero calibration -It had and was spot on every time, I was now confident it was set up properly. Repositioning the bar to the right wheel and adjusting the mirror to reflect the laser beam back to the laser unit was simple and produced an indication of 15 minutes toe out, close to my estimation, I checked this a few times and recorded the same reading each time. Im impressed. I adjusted my toe angle to my specification and checked twice from the start to confirm their were no annomolies - there wasnt so i am confident this kit does what it says in the advert. A simple but impressive tool, robust enough for the home DIY and will last for years, this will save me money and as i have little confidence in garages taking care to accurately set up tracking I have the satisfaction of knowing i can do it myself and get it absolutly spot on. I have three cars and as wear takes its toll tracking will drift - an annual check will ensure i minimise tyre wear, save fuel from lowered rolling resistance and maintain predictable handling. What a stirling product, I hope my feedback is usefull to both Trackace and prospective customers. BTW I have no affiliation with Trackace indeed i was looking to purchase an old Dunlop tracking gauge but took a chance on this kit and Im very pleased i did - a satisfied customer.
Submitted: 7 May 2011

Name: Graham
Location: cheshire
Comment: Set up the unit on a part of Asda's carpark one sunday morning when I was out with my kitcar .It has a low front end but was still able to see the beam under the nose and in the sunny daylight . Anybody that has a trackday car or does motorsport should have this system so they can check and alter their tracking in an instant. Very good system ,excellent.
Submitted: 4 May 2011

Name: DG
Location: Hertfordshire
Comment: Bought one of these (though at a discount) a couple of weeks ago and delivery was amazingly quick.  Some of the plastics could be better quality and there's a bit of flex in the metal bars.  However that said for the home mechanic who wants to check/set up front wheel alignment this seems a good piece of kit.  Easy to use once you figure out the best way to do this for your car and for me gave repeatable readings within 1/6 of a degree.

For the money I haven't seen anything else comparable.
Submitted: 4 May 2011

Name: John
Location: Swindon
Comment: This is a great piece of kit for the home mechanic. I have tried all the DIY methods for checking wheel alignment over the years from curtain rods to bits of string, all of which are tedious and inaccurate. The Trackace is very easy to use and its accuracy is up there with the professional rigs. Even old optical gauges still sell for hundreds on ebay so this really is a good deal. Congratulations to all concerned for getting this to market.
Submitted: 3 May 2011

Name: Rob
Location: Chester
Comment: Product definately works, and once you get the hang of it takes about 5 minutes. 
Flimsy plastic corrigated case is a disappointment - really needs a blow moulded one even if this pushes the price up.
Submitted: 3 May 2011

Name: Peter
Location: UK Luton
Comment: Bought this after receiving the promotional e mail follows an interest in have one of these units.

arrived the next day, brilliant, this replaced a DIY laser and mirror I had made from diy components, and with a unilux optical hanging on the wall covered in dust made sense to get a professional bit of kit

very pleased with the simple basic concept, easy to equal up on the tyre  wall or rim

used it on 6 of my area club cars(classics) and have recommeded the Triumphs sports six club consider selling these from the club shop,

any improvement... my diy laser had a vertical line, and this is easier to aim at the target than the dot projection of the Trackace
but so far well impressed Thankyou

Submitted: 3 May 2011

Name: Paul
Location: Northumberland
Comment:  After buying this bit of kit, i tried it out on my car, my daughters car, and my van. All the vehicles have different size wheels, and the trackace worked first time on all 3 cars.Who ever invented this should of done it years ago. It would of made my life easier, so easy to use, i have already had my monies worth out of it. Very very good bit of kit. Please keep inventing.!!!!!
Submitted: 3 May 2011

Name: Tony
Location: Portsmouth
Comment: What a brilliant piece of kit. I have 6 cars in my family including a 'Limited Edition' MX5 that I'm currently restoring on which correct tracking is vital. This equipment will pay for itself within just two uses, so I will save loads of money!
A super bit of kit for the DIY mechanic - easy to use and it works too. You should get one.
3 May 2011

Name: Glen
Location: Essex
Comment: Hi, I have 3 vehicles which needed alignment checks which would have cost IRO £90,
so I bought this bit of kit, did all 3 in an hour. And it works!
Submitted: 18 April 2011

Name: Dave
Location: Solihull
Comment: I have just used my new Trackace on my S type Jag fitted with 18" wheels, I found it to be extremely easy to use and it worked a treat. This product is a real innovation and is a superb design and deserves to do well. This would be a superb addition to have in any garage.
Submitted: 15 April 2011

Name: James
Location: southampton
Comment: Absolutely superb and easy to use tool. I have been waiting for such a device for many years. Will pay for itself in just a few usages and no more going to the garage. Thanks for all the time and effort this has taken to develop!
Submitted: 14 April 2011

Name: Nick
Location: Leicestershire
Comment: What a brilliant piece of kit that will pay for itself within two uses. I am trying to sort out a steering issue on a P38 Range Rover and have needed to get the tracking checked, each time I swap a component over - I've got track rods, drag links, steering damper, ball joints and numerous bushes etc - that a lot of tracking checks at £40 a time!!.
A super bit of kit for the DIY mechanic - easy to use and it works a treat too so I don't have to drive around trying to find a garage / tyre fitters with time to do my tracking. It's done when I want.
Many thanks to Terry and Co' for developing such a superb bit of kit a 'workmate' for the 2010's.
12 April 2011

Name: Dave
Location: bedford
Comment: 'does what it says on the tin', ordered one, delivered in record quick time and tried it out on a car today that was professionaly aligned a few days ago, Trackace read 0 degress 35 minutes,
the 4-wheel alignment report claimed 0 degrees 36 minutes, not gonna get any closer than that.

Tried another couple of cars and both appear to be in the region expected so very pleased with that. Easy to setup and use, will come in very handy with our collection of classic cars.
Submitted: 7 April 2011

Name: Kenneth
Location: Ireland
Comment: It is a wonderful tool and so simple to use, Well done to all who made it possible.
Submitted: 7 April 2011

Concept feedback before product launch.

Name: Robert
Location: Birmingham
Comment: Hi, I would be really interested in purchasing this product as I do a lot of work on my vehicles at home, replacing parts on the suspension systems, It would be of great use to me as I have a variety of vehicles running 15", 17" wheels running a variety of tyres, and begrudge paying a garage £35+ for them to spend less than 5 minutes doing the tracking.
I would gladly offer any help I could as well in helping you develop this tool and know a lot of my friends would purchase them from you.

Name: Reshanth
East Grinstead
Comment: Very good system, as a Taxi driver I need something like this, so I don't have to spend lots of money on wheel alignment.

Name: Stephen
Location: Lancashire
Comment: Any classic car owner would snap one of these up. I have 4 classics. it would save me lots in one use.

Name: Nick
Location: Slough
Comment: Just what I've been looking for. Freedom from the tyre-store muppets at last! I want one NOW!!!

Name: Mark
Location: Warrington
Comment: I own a 190e mercedes am restoring it just done all suspension front/rear been quoted in excess of £200 to do tracking and camber/castor this product needs to be on the market for all diy motorists would buy 1 as soon as it became available fantastic idea.

Name: Kevan
Location: Morecambe
Comment: I would definitely purchase a trackace from you and would much appreciate it if you could let me know when you have them on sale as i think it is a wonderful idea and for the diy motorist would be an absolute godsend.

Name: Ian
Location: Cornwall
Comment: To be honest I think its a winner from the start, however I do wonder if mr average motorist will be able to rectify any mis-allignment themselves, but that is not the object of this item I'm sure, just diagnosis.. but I have to say this would probably be useful to a lot of garages still using the older manual devices. so thumbs up from me!

Name: R Worthington
Location: Crewe (Cheshire)
Comment: Would by one now if they were available.

Name: Raymond
Location: Birmingham
Comment: How soon can I get one.

Name: Kenney
Location: Aberdeen
Comment: Excellent idea put me down for one, this will give the diy the chance to check tracking on a regular basis as you don't always know your tracking is out.

Name: Russell
Location: Ipswich
Comment: Yes I would buy one as an ex motor engineer I think the trackace is a very good addition
to any D.I.Y Tool box.

Name: Barrie
Location: Leeds
Comment: I think these would be a great addition to any diy mechs toolbox especially if you are like me a mechanic looking to set up on his own mobile mechanic business I will have a tyre machine and balancer in the van and if you can offer tracking the customer will be more than happy to let you adjust for a small fee then the product will pay for itself.

Name: James
Location: Southampton
Comment: Look forward to seeing this device manufactured. It wouldn't bother me if the outlay wasn't re-couped in 2 usages as I hate having to go and get it checked and the time it takes.

Name: S Mitchell
Location: Halesowen, W.Midlands
Comment: A much needed DIY tool. This is something I've wanted to be able to do myself for a while. This looks to be a very simple and effective design. I look forward to it's launch.

Name: Brit
Location: Gallatin, TN USA
Comment: Awesome idea! I could really use this tool. I hope you find all of the financing you need.

Name: Tim
Location: USA NY
Comment: Great idea great item DEVELOP THIS!

Name: David
Location: Bath
Comment: What an elegant solution!
This could be the answer to many enthusiasts prayers.
Conventional tracking gauges are too bulky and too expensive for nearly every home mechanic and the Trackrite seems to be of limited use. If you can improve on the accuracy of Heath Robinson pieces of bar, string etc. then you are on to a winner.

I think a price of £100 or less would attract a lot of interest, but obviously the lower the better.

I'm afraid I can't see many sales to ordinary motorists, as I get the impression you are hoping for. Most people don't even check their tyre pressures.

One point that I am sure you have considered, but it is hard to see from the images- Can the gauge be used in a confined space, i.e. a single garage?

The very best of luck with this and I look forward to seeing it on the market very soon.

Name: Brendan
Location: Dublin Ireland
Comment: Great idea. Due to economy etc have started servicing my own car (along with a few of my mates) and can't wait am currently paying 35 euro for this service and am looking around for alternatives, will prob end up knocking something together in the garage in the meantime. Would most likely buy with a view to using on multiple cars ie for parents, partner & friends etc.

Name: Perry
Location: Bristol
Comment: This design is AMAZING! Hope it is available soon really REALLY want it! the market has needed this and its so much better than the gunston rubbish. (P.S, the video helped win me over and decide I definitely need this!!)

Level 5 technician

Name: Craig
Location: Devizes
Comment: This looks like a refreshing take on home alignment checks, also handy when looking at cars to purchase. Where can I get one NOW.

Name: Pete
Location: Luton
Comment: Good modern application of simple proven method hats off to you, good simple basics
no bull shine, like it
and I use or have used dunlop, unilux, kismet
2 planks and a tape measure and heard so much waffle about laser alignment without the understanding of the basics it makes me mad , I would have one thanks Peter.

Name: Paul
Location: Swansea
Comment: This looks like a really good system.
as long as it can be used on different width cars I would be quite interested in one of these. I have a ford prefect and a ford galaxy, all different widths.
I will watch out for this system.

Name: Paul
Location: Barcelona
Comment: Great idea I have been trying to get a set of gauges for my kit car but the price of dunlop or sealy are to expensive for just occasional use.

Name: David
Location: Luton
Comment: I work in a large manufacturer’s technical centre as a technician and we always have trouble with our calibration on our sun machine. The straight a head position of the steering wheel after our adjustment is our first noticeable discrepancy. This idea to me looks good, I do private jobs at home and when i change a track rode arm it would be great to measure before and after fitment. I do appreciate the accuracy off the machine is down to the users care in setting up and the health a safety aspects of DIY people adjusting steering may be a problem but a disclaimer on the instructions may cover that. Hope this is some help regards Dave

Name: Terry
Location: Ipswich
Comment: I like the look of whole system and would be prepared to purchase as I continue with my kitcar.

Name: Richard
Location: Wickford, Essex
Comment: Looks great and simple - best ideas usually are - When can i get one?

The Trackace is one of the most accurate wheel alignment gauges available,
and the most affordable laser gauge there is!