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Image of Fuel Gauge

• A 2° misalignment can waste up to a staggering 15% of fuel!
To put that into perspective, that's £7.50 wasted on a £50 fill!

An average car wastes around 10% fuel at 2°, this increases for larger vehicles.
It's clear at these rates that wheel alignment is
well worth correcting on fuel cost alone.

• Add to your fuel cost the price of new tyres
The same case studies have shown that just a 2° misalignment
can more the half the life of a tyre.

Picture of Matrix Sign

• Greater stopping distances
Poor tracking means your tyres never have full grip on the road.

• Reduced vehicle control
Under steer & vehicle wandering are both common complaints of poor tracking.

• Poor tracking can cause MOT failures
What looks like a perfectly good tyre can be worn to an illegal depth on one side rendering your vehicle a failure.

• Three points on your driving licence
Illegal tyres will earn you three points and a fine to go with it.

Environmental Image

• Wasted fuel equals unnecessary CO2 emissions
Just a 2° misalignment also means around10%
completely unnecessary CO2 emissions.

• Worn tyres cost the environment
Premature tyre wear means more replacement tyres,
every new tyre means CO2 emissions in manufacture.

In Britain alone we discard 450,000 tonnes of used tyres per year.
It is now illegal in Europe to send tyres to landfill
so approximately half are now being burned and millions are being stock piled
or illegally dumped as present recycling solutions don't meet demand.

Classic Car Image

• Classic & Kit Car Enthusiasts
No enthusiast needs telling how often laser accurate wheel alignment
is required following renovation, rebuilds and maintenance.

• Track Car & Off Road Enthusiasts
The portability of a Trackace gauge allows laser accurate tweaking of
wheel alignment on site, for pursuing maximum performance on event days.

• Every Day DIY Motorists
Used on just two cars a Trackace wheel alignment gauge can pay for itself in
one day against the cost of tracking checks and adjustment charges at a garage,
coupled with fuel and tyre savings.

Cutting millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions isn't rocket science

Today we are all too aware of the need to cut our CO2 emissions, poor tracking results in millions of tonnes of
unnecessary CO2 that tragically does not require a big scientific breakthrough, just a conscientious approach by the
motorist to the importance of correct wheel alignment.
Where motorists discover tracking needs correcting is a win win situation that cuts CO2 emissions
while saving money on fuel and tyres.

Feedback from April 2011
Name: dave
Location: bedford
Comment: 'does what it says on the tin', ordered one, delivered in record quick time and tried it out on a car today that was professionaly aligned a few days ago, Trackace read 0 degrees 35 minutes, the 4-wheel alignment report claimed 0 degrees 36 minutes, not gonna get any closer than that.

Tried another couple of cars and both appear to be in the region expected so very pleased with that. Easy to setup and use, will come in very handy with our collection of classic cars.

The Trackace is one of the most accurate wheel alignment gauges available,
and the most affordable laser gauge there is!