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Welcome to our video page.


A Quick Tracking Check.

The Trackace is very simple & quick to use only taking a few minutes to complete a laser accurate tracking check!

(Please note this video shows a prototype version)


Adjusting Tracking Guide Videos.

These guide videos explain just how simple
correcting front toe angle actually is.

They are designed to compliment the instructions of the correct maintenance and repair manual for the vehicle.

Over the first 12 months we've had 1000's of emails, many from less experienced motorists who have acquired a gauge to check their own tracking and now really want to correct it themselves but also from experienced DIY motorists who because they've never had a laser accurate gauge before have never got round to learning about adjusting tracking.

Our top enquiries for adjusting are;

Q. Which wheel do I adjust?
A. Both equally, centring 1st (if required) then toe angle!

Q. Does the Trackace only measure the right hand wheel?
A. No, Trackace measures total toe, like commercial gauges!

Q. Do I have to refer to the rear wheels when adjusting tracking?
A. No, the front wheels should be centred with the steering gear!

We have 1000's of happy customers, experienced and beginners who now know how quickly tracking can deteriorate and love the fact they can easily keep it correct themselves, never having to book into a garage but most importantly never costing another penny while correct tracking is saving quite a few.



Adjusting Part 1 - The Basics.



Adjusting Part 2 - The Trackrods & Adjusting Tips.



Adjusting Part 3 - Centring The Steering.



Adjusting Part 4 - The Toe Angle.



The Trackace is one of the most accurate wheel alignment gauges available,
and the most affordable laser gauge there is!